This track was inspired by one of my favorite book series. In the series, the main character is a lute virtuoso, so I started out to try to create a patch on the BEHRINGER DEEPMIND 12D that sounded like a futuristic stringed instrument, similar to a lute. After finishing the patch, I created the melody and added a beat. The whistle type melody was created on the Moog Subsequent 37 to mimic a “wind blowing” type sound, which is also a nod to the main character in the book series.

Beat Videos

For each beat that is crated by MSM, there is a video that is created to give a visual representation of what inspired the producer. Check back here weekly for new releases!

Effect Pedal Demos

MSM is always acquiring and testing out new gadgets. This is where you can find reviews and demos of some of the most sought after guitar and bass effects pedals.

Performance Videos

This is where you can find various videos of me performing on the bass guitar. 

Synth Videos

I’ll be uploading a lot more of these in the coming months!