Marc has been a working bassist since he was 15 years old, playing gigs at nights and going to school during the day. He has toured extensively in almost every style imaginable. From laying down Jazz at the beach, to grinding it out on the road with funk, EDM, and rock bands, Marc has done it all.

For the last 5 years, Marc has been holding down the most prestigious position in the city of Pittsburgh, as the bassist for No Bad Juju. NBJJ has an established reputation backed up by almost two decades of steady work. 

In addition to his steady work with No Bad Juju, Marc can be found playing various events and benefits, including being the house bassist for the annual “Voices Carry” benefit put on by the Auberle Foundation. This is a showcase of the finest talent that can be found in the City of Pittsburgh and requires a band of equal caliber to the artists.

Check below for a listing of all of the shows you can find Marc performing at. Visit the No Bad Juju website to learn more about the band.


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