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MSM founder, Marc Sterling, is a bass player and music producer located in Pittsburgh, PA. Marc has had decades of experience playing live and has been honing his production craft for almost as long.

He grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland where he attended the University of Maryland to study music education. Post-college, Marc toured extensively in almost every musical style imaginable with various bands and has shared the stage with everyone from George Clinton to Derek Trucks to Stanley Turrentine, and many more.

While touring and playing various live shows, Marc developed a love for composition and music production. This stemmed from a lifelong passion for hip hop, funk, and RnB and a desire to create a new sound. Between SpaceBass and MSM beats, that sound is realized and evolved.

Lately, Marc has settled in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife and 3 boys. He based his career on performing, producing, and teaching music. He feels fortunate to be able to hold down the prestigious position in No Bad Juju that has been held by Pittsburgh legends and still have time to devote to music production!

Marc Sterling Bass

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