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Welcome to Marc Sterling Music, the home of everything music related for Bassist/Composer/Producer Marc Sterling. 

On this site you will find my new releases, gear demos, beats for sale, and all of the services I have to offer. Please take a moment to look around and if you have any questions, you can contact me.

Latest Release

Turn Around

I sampled and chopped a classic funk song, then added real synthesizers and drum machines! Here is the result!

New Synth video

fun with synths

Sometimes I enjoy starting a loop on one synth and seeing where it goes with the rest. Check out the results of my latest adventure!

Featured Gear Video

MPC X Live Looping

Putting together a little loop on the MPC X (https://amzn.to/2oraMFQ) . This one starts with a shaker groove to set up the tempo. I then lay down a chordal melody on my Fodera Emperor Standard Classic 5. I’m using an Aguilar AG700 (https://amzn.to/2Izkg8Q). The beat comes next courtesy a Vermona DRM MKIII analog drum machine. I finish up with a dreamy arp on the Behringer Deepmind 12D (https://amzn.to/35i9k9o) and some phat Moog Bass from the Sub37 (https://amzn.to/2M0QZ9b). The Fodera comes back out for a tasty little solo to take it home!

Original Music by MSM


SpaceBass is the musical alter-ego of MSM founder, Marc Sterling. These songs are used to stretch the limits of modern production techniques and tend to the have the effect of making people want to get up and dance. Stay tuned to this page, as many tracks will be pre-released in anticipation of a fulll release in 2020.

Featured Bass Video

Fodera Slap Bass

This video features me brushing up on my slap chops with my Fodera Emperor Classic and the Aguilar AG 700 through an Aguilar DB 112 . Recorded with an Electro-Voice RE320. Click below to see more videos.